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Blue Fish Video works with mission driven organizations to maximize the potential of video for marketing, promotion, fund raising, education and outreach. Always fresh and relevant, our work attracts, engages, retains and motivates customers and stakeholders. With every project, our objective is to invest the time and energy to get to know our client. We tell compelling stories with intention, elegance and efficiency, and manage the content we produce for maximum and lasting benefit. This includes aggregating, organizing, deploying and archiving a clients’ ever growing library of content. We specialize in video for healthcare, educational and non-profit institutions, corporations, start-ups and small businesses.


David brings a sharp visual mindset, technical resourcefulness, management expertise, and strategic vision to all of his projects. Working both independently and with teams, David can be found shooting interviews one day, editing the next, producing a complex motion graphics project or gearing up for a large-scale shoot. What remains constant is a client-centric approach, hands-on style, creative sensibility, and good humor.



Blue Fish Video
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